A selection of some of Joe’s investigative work


Stalkerware: The software that spies on your partner

Women’s charities are concerned by new research that shows a rise in the use of so-called ‘stalkerware’. New research from cyber-security firms suggests a large rise in the detections of the software so BBC reporter Joe Tidy put himself in the position of a victim and let his producer install the spyware on his phone.


The cheat hackers ‘ruining’ gaming for others

Hackers around the world, often teenagers, are making thousands by creating and selling games cheats to a growing market. Cyber-security reporter Joe Tidy went to play a game with a cheat hacker to find out how the 17-year-old makes thousands of dollars a month through his underground business.

JULY 2019

TikTok’s young fans ‘exploited’ for digital gifts

Video-sharing app TikTok says it is “sorry” that some children and other young people have felt pressured into sending money to their favourite influencers on the app. A BBC investigation found influencers promising to share their phone numbers with fans in exchange for the gifts. This report led to global policy changes from the social media network.

JULY 2019

Ransomware HACKERS are targeting companies and demanding huge payments

Exclusive access to a Norwegian aluminium producer recovering after hackers took 22,000 computers offline at 170 different sites around the world. The attack comes as evidence grows that hackers are getting paid off in secret by large organisations who want an easy way out.

MARCH 2019

How one teenage HACKER is making millions… legally

19-year-old Santiago Lopez from Argentina is the first millionaire bug-bounty hacker, which means he gets paid to find glitches in the software of some of the world’s biggest companies.

MARCH 2019

Hated and hunted: The perilous life of the computer virus cracker

Long read about the life and work of ‘Fabian’ – a ransomware decryption expert who is so good he is hated and hunted by cybercrime gangs the world over.


The PewDiePie Hackers: Could hacking printers ruin your life?

Exclusive interview with the two teens who hacked tens of thousands of printers and Google Chrome devices to promote their favourite YouTuber. The hackers spoke to me about why they did it, how they did it and why they now regret it as they live in fear of arrest.


Fortnite teen hackers ‘earning thousands of pounds a week’

Children as young as 14 are making thousands of pounds a week as part of a global hacking network built around the popular video game Fortnite. About 20 hackers told the BBC they were stealing the private gaming accounts of players and reselling them online.


Instagram criticised over eating disorder hashtags

Instagram says it is working to improve the artificial intelligence it uses to protect vulnerable users after communities promoting eating disorders were not picked up on the app. Article here.

MARCH 2018

TalkTalk urged to improve cybersecurity in wake of ‘worryingly easy’ web system flaw

A hacker discovered a flaw in the firm’s web system that could allow them to easily steal millions of customer login details. Article here.


Addicts warned: Facebook groups are not anonymous

People seeking help from support groups on Facebook are warned that their membership may not be as private as hoped.

MAY 2017

Former NHS hacker: I gained access in less than an hour

A teen hacker tells Sky News that three months ago he easily gained access to data on the NHS server, including patient records. Article here.


Anonymous: More Help Needed To Take I.S Offline

In an exclusive interview, hackers targeting extremist websites say the security services must do more to tackle jihadists online. Article here.


Cybercrime: Teen Explains The Lure Of Hacking

A teenager tells Sky News how he became a hacker and says easy-to-use hacking tools are readily available online. Article here.

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