Sky News

Joe started as a reporter at Sky News in October 2013, based in the Sky News centre in Osterley, London. He was promoted to Correspondent in February 2017.

As an adventurous multi-platform journalist, Joe is known for taking on ambitious projects and finding unique ways to tell stories, home and abroad, to the TV and online audience. Whether it’s spending 10 days on board a trawler in the North Sea exploring Brexit, or interviewing party leaders with a selfie stick during the election, he’s always trying new things. He’s a prolific self shooter with dozens of reports and documentaries under his belt.

Joe has a particular interest in Technology and Social Affairs and has covered most of the big stories since joining Sky. He’s done major work on gaming hacks, Ashley Madison hack, Brexit, Grenfell Tower, Somerset/ Thames Valley floods, Scottish referendum, General Election, Alice Gross murder and the Labour leadership contest.

Working for a news channel means Joe covers breaking news day in day out, but he’s also broken a number of exclusive stories himself.



Joe was contacted by a hacker who claimed to have evidence of a serious flaw in the security of telecommunications company TalkTalk. He spent time speaking over encrypted networks with the so called ‘white hat’ hacker who ended up recording an exclusive ‘hacker’s eye-view’ of how the vulnerability could be exploited.


After discovering that Facebook groups claiming to be anonymous had a major security flaw, Joe spent weeks investigating the issue. He discovered that tens of thousands of addicts from gamblers to people with sex addiction could be found and have their places of work and family details uncovered with ease.


Following on from the WannaCry cyber attack that caused widespread disruption to the NHS, Joe found and interviewed an anonymous hacker who demonstrated proof they had successfully infiltrated an NHS system in less than an hour months ahead of the main attack. 

frazer clarke sky news terror

After the Westminster Terror Attack, Joe was the first journalist to exclusively interview GB Boxer Frazer Clarke on the awful things he saw and filmed, just meters away from the terrorist attack. The incredible eye-witness account and footage was widely shared. 


Flood Proofing Britain was an exclusive 12 minute special report 6 months after the Somerset/ Thames Valley floods. Over 4 months, Joe exclusively told the story of a family as they went through the extreme action of raising their home 1.5m higher.


 Joe was the first Broadcast Journalist in the world to discover, and break the news that Ashley Madison hacker’s had released details of 33m customers onto the internet.


 Joe got the scoop that George Galloway was planning to run for London Mayor if he failed to keep his seat during the 2015 General Election.

teen hackers

In an exclusive and revealing interview with a prolific teen cyber criminal Joe brought to light the increasing issue of teen hacking. Joe’s contacts led him to a young man making tens of thousands of pounds from black hat hacking and social media manipulation.


Using his hacking contacts, he was the first journalist to break the news that the National Crime Agency’s website had been taken down by an attack.


Live from the European Space Agency in Cologne, Joe was the first journalist to interview Tim Peake’s proud parents minutes after his safe return from space. Their obvious elation and comments were shared worldwide as a result of the exclusive interview.

Alice Gross

 Joe broke the news live on location that the suspected murderer of teenager Alice Gross had been identified as the body found in a London Park.


 During the Scottish Referendum in 2014, Joe went to one of many remote islands and found out that early postal balloting had forced many residents to jump the gun and were now regretting how they’d voted.


 He also made a splash online when going undercover in Dundee to see if the abuse that ‘No’ voters were reporting was true. It led to this exclusive insight into the ugly side of the independence referendum.


In 2016, Joe uncovered the growing problem of waste recycling firms going bust and leaving ‘rubbish mountains’ across the country.


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