Mobile Reporting

Since his days in student media at Loughborough University Joe has embraced new technology and thrives on the challenge of covering news and events with whatever tools he has available. At Sky News, Joe regularly uses his iPhone to report on stories whilst on the road. He regularly films clips and broadcasts live using the Dejero App.

During the Somerset floods of 2014 Joe made the headlines when he filmed, edited and voiced a report on his phone when his crew’s camera broke.

INDEPENDANT: The DIY future for TV journalists

“Television journalists got an insight into their futures with the resourcefulness of Joe Tidy of Sky News after his camera became water-damaged in the floods last month…”

BROADCAST NOW: Phoning in the floods

“Earlier this month, Sky News reporter Joe Tidy found himself in the middle of the floods in Marlow with a story to tell – but without a camera crew…”

Here’s that report which was shot on an iPhone 5 and edited with Splice App.

Joe also used his mobile skills in a unique way during the Southern Rail strike, broadcasting live thoroughout Sky News Sunrise from a commuter coach on the traffic-hit route from Brighton to London.

Here’s another example of mobile reporting – one in a series of ‘selfie stick’ interviews with politicians during the 2015 election.

Joe has also used his phone to do undercover reporting. This was a piece from the Scottish Referendum when he wore a ‘No T-Shirt’ in the ‘Yes City’ of Dundee to see if claims of abuse. This was shot on iPhone 5s and edited on Voddio app.


Joe also films and edits video features for his racing website. Here are some recent examples. Both of these were shot on an iPhone and edited with the Voddio App.


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