Shoot/ Edit

A prolific self-shooter and editor, Joe is willing to travel the world with his camera kit getting to the heart of stories. He’s created in-depth documentary-style pieces for TV and online as well as taken on adventurous multi-media projects. Here are some examples:

Special Report: Universal Credit – Britain on the Breadline

Joe spent 2 days at a foodbank in Oldham to investigate claims from charities that the government’s new benefits system is forcing people into poverty. Using a standard camera and a series of Go Pros, Joe filmed the mini-documentary in an intimate and illuminating format for all platforms on Sky News.

‘Brexit Trawler’ Project – North Sea 

Joe spent 10 days on the North Sea in November self-shooting content based on how the fishing industry is feeling ahead of Brexit. Working alone in tough conditions he sent back 5 TV reports, 3 tv lives, 4 Facebook lives and a wealth of coverage on social media. 

UKIP’s Douglas Carswell Visits Clacton’s Polish Twin Town

Joe shot and edited this over the course of a few days to coincide with Sky New’s Twin Towns coverage at the start of the EU Referendum campaign.

Young People and Brexit

Another EU Referendum project that Joe took on was speaking to young people in deliberately non-political places. He produced, filmed and edited three features at a war gaming club, a festival and this one, at a cage fighting night.

Battle For Bradford West

An Election Special report about George Galloway’s bitter contest for the Bradford West seat (self shot and edited).

Going It Alone Series

This was a series of 4 mini-documentaries following an independent candidate during the General Election as he tried to do the impossible and become an MP (self shot and edited).

Joe was also sent to Scotland in 2014 to cover the independence referendum and shot and edited a number of reports including this exclusive story:


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