Joe has worked for 2 BBC regions as well reported for BBC Persia and BBC Breakfast.

In July 2009 Joe began freelancing as a newsroom Broadcast Journalist for BBC South Today.

After a year covering news across the South, Joe moved to BBC Oxford as a video journalist. After a short time as a reporter, Joe began to present the 30second updates for the region before moving on to present the evening news bulletins.

In 2011 he won an RTS Award for the Best Newcomer to TV in the south. Judges commended him on his ‘warm and relaxed presentation style’.

This feature was shot, edited and produced by Joe: On the trail of Oxford’s Ghosts – BBC South Today (Oxford)

Joe has also reported for BBC Breakfast and BBC Persian TV on a number of stories. He was a reporter on series 2 & 3 of the BBC Persian / British Council’s Word on the Street English language and culture programme; a show that is watched in 40 different countries.

On BBC Breakfast he produced an exclusive report on the rise of fairytale films in Hollywood with interviews from Ewan McGregor and director Bryan Singer.

He also reported for BBC Breakfast on the PIP oil spill that killed thousands of seabirds in 2013. 

BBC Breakfast – Hollywood’s fairytale obsession hits new highs

BBC Breakfast: Environ Agency concerned about decline in fishing

BBC Word on the Street – Britain’s love of animals

BBC Breakfast – School installs plane sound blockers to cut noise


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